Quality of Life

Issue 3
About the Issue
Issue 3 of Spark is focussed on issues and themes on the topic of quality of life. It concerns the role of Twenty-First century global technology and communication in shaping the definition and status of quality of life in two papers: ‘Linguistic Imprints of Deception in Financial Text: A Corpus Linguistics Based Approach’ by Saliha Minhas, and ‘Society Must Be Defended: Online Quality of Life, a Foucauldian Case Study of Gamergate’, by Stuart Lindsay. The former article seeks to provide a framework for technological apparatus measuring deceptive content in financial texts, and explores the impact of the results of such financial subterfuge on economic quality of life at a national and personal level. The latter analyses the online, cultural videogame phenomenon known as Gamergate from a theoretical perspective based on the writings of French philosopher, Michel Foucault, to measure the impact on gamers’ individual identities against the collective gaming identity established by the Gamergate movement. Intergenerational concerns regarding differences between quality of life and its perception between this generation of scholars and the preceding one are explored in Susie Peacock’s paper: ‘The Quality of Innovative Academic Lives: Influences Past, Present – and Future?’ Kari Vezke investigates care and support options for older people in Scotland, and the impact of these choices on their quality of life, in her article ‘What Influences Older People’s Decisions about Care and Support?’ Soha El-Batrawy reviews the collection Communication and “The Good Life”, edited by Hua Wang. 

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