Continuity and Change

Issue 1
About the Issue
Spark opens its first issue with Continuity and Change, an open theme offering a variety of useful interpretations on maintenance, progress, and alteration of social experience, mobility, and improvement. Among the papers included in this issue are Hannah Donaldson’s ‘Disability, Society and International Law: The UN Disability Convention as a Catalyst for Change’, Emma Smith’s ‘Exploring Change and Continuity in the Context of Gender Inequality: The Example of Domestic Violence’, and Murray Cook’s ‘Romans, Picts, and Development: Continuity and Change in Aberdeenshire’s Archaeology and Informed Planning Decisions’. Ewan McDonald reviews Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions, by Paul Mason, Jamal Bahmad reviews Morocco: Challenges to Tradition and Modernity by James Slater, and Lucy Wilcox reviews Work Engagement: A Handbook of Essential Theory and Research, a collection edited by Arnold B. Bakker and Michael P. Leiter.

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