Proposals for a Celtic Consensus on Global Priorities for Social and Ecological Justice

Mark Langdon, University of the West of Scotland

This paper argues that to transform our worlds in ways which recognise and respect the beauty, complexity, and value of human and other than human life, there is an urgent need to transform mainstream, market-orientated, thinking in all aspects of educational philosophy and practice. The purpose of constructing a ‘Celtic Consensus’ is to provide a departure point for discussion, debate, and collective orientation, around the processes of catalysing the conditions necessary to facilitate a paradigm shift in the collective consciousness of humanity. The term ‘Celtic Consensus’ references the ancient Celtic tribe’s rejection of colonialism by the Roman Empire. By building collective resistance to forces of violence and oppression and identifying shared understandings of key areas that need to transform at a local and global level, is it possible to broaden, and amplify, the call for transformation towards social and ecological justice, as the shared vision for our pluriverse futures?

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