Resistance and Movement in Neoliberal Society: A Literature Review on the Criminalisation of Dissent

Zoe Russell, University of Stirling

This paper contributes to understanding resistance and movement in neoliberal society through a literature review on the criminalisation of dissent within social movement studiespolitical science and criminology. Dissentencompasses many forms of resistance and movement, which when criminalisedlimits opportunities for political and cultural change within society. The review highlights a diverse body ofresearchthat examines and problematises the criminalisation of dissent in a range of global contexts. It aims tobring disparate literature together in a comprehensive way to highlight prominent themes and possibilities for future research. The review was conducted as a part of a qualitative UK research project and theoretically framed by Gramscian critical theory and interdisciplinarity. The review covers themes of policing protest, state repression,protestcontrol, politics and sociolegal change, crime,social controland security. Overall,the criminalisation of dissent is a vibrant and importantarea of inquiry and whilst wellresearched, there are opportunities for future work to interrogate the ongoing processes both formal and informal that criminalise legitimate forms of resistance and movement.

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